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Osca Digital Ltd is a marketing service you can rely on, were a forward thinking and professional web design and digital marketing agency based in Benfleet, Essex.

With over 24 years of experience in all aspects of web design and online digital marketing, we are able to provide a solution to almost any online requirement.

From Osca Digital you will get:

  • Personal Service
  • SEO Audit
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Our Seo Agency have a variety of SEO tools to complete a SEO Audit and push toward getting your website found for local search & national SEO, we can create marketing strategies to get your business website found online and increase reach & exposure that ultimately can lead to sales.

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Results Driven Marketing Agency

An Award Winning Essex Digital Agency

Whilst we know Osca Digital is the new kid on the block, our aim to be attending some great awards evenings alongside our competitors in our industry as well as being well recognised in our own local area. We have now submitted our entries and very soon you'll see how well we did.

What Does Our Marketing Focus On?

Every successful business will have figures, these measurable statistics will indicate increased growth or decline of a business. How in depth each business wishes to go is up to them, however our business can be so analytical it can leave your head spinning .

Our core key measurable performing statistics are 'Business Growth', 'Traffic Increase', 'Client Referrals' & 'Client Reviews'.

Month on month, year on year we strive to achieve greater results not only with us but our clients too. The success that we gain on our own digital marketing gets passed along the chain to our clients, therefore if your not currently our client then its very likely we have learned from the mistake you maybe about to make on your marketing strategy.

Business Growth

In the past 12 months, due to the great service we offer Osca Digital's client base has doubled in size.

100% Complete - Success

Traffic Increase

Given our own multi channel marketing background we have increased our traffic to the website in the past quarter.

81% Complete - Success

Client Reviews

Customer feedback in key, we ask all customers to kindly leave a review to give you confidence in us. Take a look....

100% Complete - Success

Client Referrals

On a monthly average, this is the new business we pick up via referrals from existing customers.

72% Complete - Success

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